Skid Row Beautification

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Skid Row Beautification

Overview of Idea


The Skid Row area (in Los Angeles, CA) contains one of the largest populations of homeless people in the US. This area in the picture, has become a place for homeless people that are hoarding mountains of trash. It is a huge eyesore to those that have to work, live and drive through the area daily.

idea specifics: what will the $500 fund?

The $500 would allow us to do a big community-wide cleanup. Also, it would enable us to give scholarships to local artists to paint murals above the very walls where this trash pile up is to provide some ongoing positivity in this blighted area. We believe by placing art (trees, flowers, etc) and words of inspiration (poems) above this location will serve as positive images to counteract all the negative images that are present. We would also work with agencies to find these displaced people housing.

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