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Pollinator Garden




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I live on one of the busiest streets in my community. I would like to turn my huge front yard into a demonstration pollinator garden. It would nourish & sustain our bees and be an easy walk for school field trips and community members to observe our pollinators, and take with them planting ideas.

idea specifics: what will the $500 fund?

I would purchase bee friendly herbs, flowers, flower seeds, and trees. I would also purchase pavers for a safe walkway through the garden. I would need a few sprinklers, and some good compost to make the soil happy.

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A bit more about the land... this is a double lot with way too much grass in an environment PERFECT for growing some very beautiful, low maintenance native plants. This lot is smack dab in the middle of school foot traffic central. It is in easy walking distance from a head start, two elementary schools, a middle school, a high school, and a university. It is directly across the street from the very busy (yet blossom poor) university, community and high school athletic fields. I would like this plot to serve as an attraction for field trips and community members alike that would like to see pollinators in action, as well as providing ideas for people to replicate in their own yards to SAVE OUR BEES!

Why is this a grrreat idea?

"One major factor in the decline of all bees is lack of food plants--nectar and pollen sources that bees require for their nutritional health. Bees' sole source of protein and carbohydrates comes from flowering plants, and it is essential that they feed from a variety of sources to fulfill their dietary amino acid requirements. It is absolutely critical to plan and conserve agricultural and urban landscapes to support our wildlife, including our forgotten pollinators."
~Dr. Marla Spivak, Professor and Extension Entomologist, University of Minnesota

by SarahBeeGirl
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