Wildflowers in the Bronx-A New Vision for Aqueduct Walk Park

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Wildflowers in the Bronx-A New Vision for Aqueduct Walk Park




Overview of Idea


Aqueduct Walk Park remains arguably in the poorest condition of any park in New York City. Each year Columbia University Community Outreach conducts clean-ups of the park. While clean-ups are helpful, additional funding is required to beautify the park.

idea specifics: what will the $500 fund?

The $500 will go towards the purchase of wildflower seeds. For that sum, we can purchase 25lbs of Partial Shade Wildflower Mix. 25lbs will cover a 1/2 acre of land.

Aqueduct Walk Park is a 1.5 mile long greenway situated above the Old Croton Aqueduct is the first pipeline constructed to bring fresh drinking water into Manhattan. The park bisects the Bronx's busiest business district. Given its strategic location any enhancements to the park have the potential to uplift the surrounding community. As it stands now the blighted condition of the park acts as an anchor hindering the redevelopment of the Bronx. While planting wildflowers is a modest solution, it really is something that inspires. That is our goal.

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planting wildflowers would be great, will you be making sure that they are native plants so that there will be less need for caring for the seeds once planted, and also so that any runaway seeds from blooming flowers will not spread invasive species?

by michelle.alina
almost 4 years ago | Reply

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